Erika Chestnut

Hi. I’m Erika, and I’m an Executive Management Professional, Quality Assurance and Compliance Specialist. I know it’s quite the mouthful, so here’s a little background as to what I could bring to your business.

I have more than 13 years of digital marketing experience, with a focus on all aspects of SDLC, systems enhancement, control and documentation. Expertise and experience in IT solutions and operations, preparation and production of instructional and operational materials, as well as developing and supervising programs, procedures and initiatives to ensure quality of products and services. Strong leadership and managerial skills, with the keen ability to design quality and regulatory goals and processes, as well as effective utilization of human resources to establish and meet company objectives.

Couple that with my comprehensive IT skills, web development and an in-depth understanding of technology, user experience and business analysis…and what I bring to every project can make a huge difference.