Elise Carmichael

Elise Carmichael is VP of Product Strategy for QASymphony, where she is responsible for helping customers improve their QA process and expand test automation. She has a strong desire to help people get their testing solutions organized from security testing to functional testing. By understanding the trends in the development and testing industries, she is able to help QASymphony stay ahead and be flexible enough to support the widest audiences.


Prior to joining QASymphony, she directed a global software engineering and testing organization of over 150 people at Mobiquity. Mobiquity is a professional services organization that spans many industries and countless technology stacks from native iOS and Android apps, hybrid apps and Alexa skills. She has nearly 20 years of experience in industries such as healthcare, trucking and logistics, online bidding and construction management. WIthin these industries, Elise has significant experience in a wide variety of programming languages and test frameworks.


Elise holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.